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enhearThe Holy Bahá’í Gardens are partially open, offering visits to the upper balcony, Shrine of the Báb and guided tours
הגנים הבהאיים הקדושים פתוחים חלקית ומציעים ביקורים במרפסת העליונה, מקדש הבאב וסיורים מודרכים

Dress Standards

The Bahá’í Gardens are a place of worship that is open to all humanity as a gift. Visitors are therefore asked to respect the spiritual character of this holy site by wearing appropriately modest clothing.

 The following is considered appropriate clothing in this context for all visitors from the age of 12:

* Blouses, shirts or T-shirts covering the shoulders (sleeves for men)

* Pants, shorts, skirts or dresses that reach 6cm above the knee or below

* Jackets or similar worn on the upper body

* Shawls and scarfs (women only) worn on the upper body

It would NOT be considered appropriate for MEN or WOMEN to wear any of the following in the Bahá’í Gardens:

* Clothes with tears, holes, scratches, or any other torn style

* Shorts, skirts or dresses shorter than 6cm above the knee.

* Spaghetti straps, open backs or sides, low cuts, tank tops and crop tops, beachwear, skirts or dresses with slits above the knee, sheer or transparent clothing

* Towels, blankets or such items that are not normally meant as clothing

* Covering the lower body with shirts or jackets or transparent shawls/scarfs

* All forms of costumes, unless associated with a nationality or culture.

Note: The entry to the gardens remains subject to the approval of the guards, who have the discretion to refuse admission to ANY visitors they consider to be inappropriately dressed. 

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